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Save Steal Splurge: The Boatneck Tee

There are some standard wardrobe staples that everyone needs. And we don’t say that lightly. Whether you’re preppy, punk or can’t really describe your personal style, a boater-inspired t-shirt is a necessity. Don’t believe us? St. James and Saint Laurent both offer a version €” and they can’t be further from each other in terms of brand identity. So, go classic with the brand that started it all or try for a variation on the theme, like switching up the stripes or adding a pocket.

How you adapt this classic to your closet is up to you; just know that there’s no wrong way to wear it.

Save: Topshop Strip Long Sleeve Pocket Tee ($35)

Steal: Vince Striped Boat-neck Sweater ($77.35)

Splurge: St. James Slouchy Tee ($95)

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Unwrap Your Gifts in Our Favorite Cozy Sweaters

If you’re the type to run out on Christmas Day in your pajamas, consider slipping on one of these warm and cozy sweaters — without a snowflake, snowman or ironic graphic in sight. Cozied up by the fire and Christmas tree, each and every one of these will look chic in all of your holiday haul selfies and after you’ve decided what to keep and what needs to be exchanged, you can trot out in one of these sweaters and not look like a holiday sweater fashion victim.

Clockwise from left to right: Madewell Iceblock Turtleneck ($99.99), Topshop Highland Check Sweater ($80), Halogen Crewneck Sweater ($39.90), Topshop Jacquard Pullover ($55.99), Topshop Cable Knit Pullover ($84), Topshop Sequin Spot Sweater ($37.49)