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Lacoste Celebrates its 80th Anniversary with Grand Slam Collabs!

Lacoste New Legend 80th Anniversary polo

Oh, the French. Leave it to them to make even the most mundane things like workwear, cookies and OJ (see: mariniere sweaters, macarons and citron press©) into everyday chic. One of the country’s biggest names is Lacoste, an international megabrand that was built on something as simple as the polo. The brand has been rockin’ the croc for 80 years now, and to celebrate, the label is calling upon its fellow French brethren to celebrate. Fashion fraternit© ensued and a capsule collection of items is now available to the masses. Vive la revolution on and off the court.

Hermes for Lacoste 80th Anniversary Crocodile Bag

Goyard for Lacoste 80th Anniversary duffle

Herm¨s, another brand with tight ties to crocs (the skins, not the shoes), created an over-the-top tennis bag in verdant green croc skin. Sure, it’s priceless, but know that croc is one of the world’s most hardy skins — those guys are exposed to everything from swamp people to endless downpours, after all — so whether you throw it around your tennis club or the TSA manhandles it, it’ll last a lifetime.

Not to be outdone, Goyard created a carryall, too. But in lieu of the normal initials, they emblazoned their tennis-ready duffle (in classic tennis white, naturally) with the brand’s signature emblem. We’re already salivating over these luxe beauties but, sadly, they’re not going into production. (C’mon, what’s better than a storied French brand and one of fashion’s most accessible luxury labels?) This part of the collab, along with a few other pieces from Boucheron, Baccarat and more, are going straight into the Lacoste company archives.

Fauchon for Lacoste 80th Anniversary eclairs

Baccarat for Lacoste 80th Anniversary crystal bowl

You can, however get a few other pieces of the collection, including a set of eclairs from French bakery Fauchon.

Known for artful spins on classic eclairs, it’s become an institution across the Atlantic and the company counts  fashion editors, designers and normal folk alike among its legion of loyal fans. Baccarat created a crystal bowl for the occasion, using Lacoste’s signature green combined with the icy-clear crystal that the brand is know for. Other brands that got in on the fun include S.T. Dupont (pens and a lighter), Veuve Cliquot (champagne), and Bernardaud (golf tees), among others.

In addition to these collectibles, which will be created in limited editions of 80 pieces each and be available by special order in Lacoste boutiques worldwide, there will be a separate collection consisting of tees, shoes, glasses, watches, jewelry and polo shirts designed by British art director Peter Saville and emblazoned with a special kaleidoscope logo. His resum© includes designing record covers for Joy Division and designing the uniforms for the English National Football (that would be soccer to us) team. Look for that collection in Lacoste stores everywhere as well as on the backs of the brand’s fans all over the globe.

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