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John Allan’s Joins the Club with Annual Membership Services

John Allan’s

For the first time, John Allan’s is offering memberships to his salons, which will soon be outfitted with spaces just for members. For $850-950 a year (the prices in California are higher due to an extended menu of services), you can get special access to the club (pictured above) as well as unlimited services at any of the John Allan’s salons. Packages include as many haircuts, manicures, shoe shines, hot towel services and shampoo and conditioning treatments that you can fit into your schedule (and with guys generally getting trimmed up every other week, it seems well worth the money).

And the new clubs? Think of them as exclusive gentleman’s lounges outfitted in deep woods and good sturdy furniture perfect for conversation. Inside, members get perks such as pool tables, free drinks — yes, those kinds of drinks — and flat screens a’plenty. While it might not be an entire outfit delivered to your doorstep, we think that the luxury of being able to get groomed without pulling out your wallet is a pretty sweet deal.

For more information, visit John Allan’s Beverly Hills is located inside Saks Fifth Avenue at 9634 Wilshire Blvd.