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Our Top 5 Picks To Replace Galliano At Dior

After the very public ousting of longtime Dior designer John Galliano, the door has been left wide open for speculation as to who will replace the man of the moustache, the matador outfit, the astronaut suit. And let us not forget the infamous collection based on Paris€™ homeless population, which was spoofed to great effect in €œZoolander,€ starring Ben Stiller.Galliano was let go Tuesday over anti-Semitic remarks he reportedly made to a couple at a Paris caf© and a subsequent videotape that surfaced of a seemingly drunk Galliano praising Hitler. Ouch. Not even a killer €œBlue Steel€ pose (calling all “Zoolander” fans…) could save him from that one.Scandal and theatrics aside, Galliano€™s couture chops are among the best in that shrinking and exclusive market, and his ready-to-wear collections for Dior have meant big business for the house and luxury conglomerate LVMH, which owns Dior.The show is still set to go on without him on Sunday, and plans to fill his formidable shoes are no doubt feverishly underway behind the scenes. And we hope that perhaps his replacement will be more effective at convincing Carla Bruni to get rid of her flats and pair her stunning Dior looks with gorgeous footwear, as well. (Carla: We already know that your man is a touch €œvertically challenged.€)And while we eagerly wait for news, Fashion Trends Daily has a few nominees we€™d like to throw into the mix.Our nominees€¦

Christian Lacroix

After having his operations shuttered in 2009, Lacroix has been laying low by designing uniforms and well, we€™re not exactly sure what else. However, since his untimely retirement, the fashion set has been itching for his brand of opulence and attention to detail, something La Maison Dior also has in spades.



Alessandra FacchinettiOusted from Valentino after just a few seasons, the Italian couturier has been off the fashion radar since she was given the boot.

While we thought her collections for Valentino were thoughtful and pushed the brand forward, the company thought otherwise, saying she wasn€™t true to the brand. While we€™re not sure how far she could push Dior, her play with shapes and theatrics are certainly in line with Dior that Galliano built.

Olivier Theyskens

Always a dark horse, Theyskens€™ new job at Theory might be keeping him busy, but you can be sure he€™s itching to scratch his couture desires. After creating show-stopping eveningwear for Rochas and Nina Ricci, he€™s no stranger creating the one-of-a-kind masterpieces of haute couture. And with a celeb clientele such as Reese Witherspoon, Madonna and Halle Berry, a Theyskens-helmed Dior would be thrust into the flashbulbs even more €” and for something more positive.


Giambattista ValliMysteriously off the calendar for Fall 2011, Giambattista Valli is considered by many (Rachel Zoe included) to be the ultimate party dress designer. But one look at his past collections reveals that he€™s definitely got a couturier€™s touch. From ruffles to riffs on proportion, his looks would get top billing on the red carpet.

Esteban Cortazar

Colombian-born fashion wunderkind Cortazar was the youngest designer to ever run a major fashion house when he was at Ungaro, but he famously quit when he refused to work with Lindsay Lohan. Since the diva debacle of €™09, he€™s been a free agent. With his love of color and drama, he€™d definitely inject youth and vigor into the designs of Dior.

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Off the Grid: Chic Check Picks for Under $80

Fall is generally about cozy sweaters, nubby tweeds and plenty of pumpkin spice, but this season, one of the biggest trends to hit stores is a clean new take on traditional plaid. Instead of the usual jewel tones and bold colors, designers have pared down the pattern to its most basic and are offering up a minimal, windowpane plaid that’s in line with this season’s minimalism trend.

You’ll find plenty of options from high-end designers such as Stella McCartney and even boho brand Chlo©, but you’ll also find it at more affordable prices on everything from tops and skirts to full-on dresses. It’s a chic way to give any outfit a big dose graphic impact, and because the new plaid is simple — especially when done in black and white — it lets everything you add really shine. So go ahead and grab your most vibrantly hued shoes and bags: it’s time for them to have a little piece of the spotlight, too.

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Launch We Love: Harry’s Shaving and Father’s Day Gift Set

Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider

You didn’t think that subscription services were languishing away, like Japanese digital pets and wedge sneakers. did you? Think again.  They’re still going strong and with Father’s Day just creeping around the corner, we’re loving Harry’s, a shaving company for guys who don’t want to fuss with replacing their razors or stocking up on shave cream.

Founders Jeffrey Raider — co-founder of the popular, revolutionary optics Web site Warby Parker — and Andy Katz-Mayfield started the company as a way to step away from the over-complicated razors that were inundating the market. Blades were getting too numerous, vibration was just another gimmick and so many companies were overpromising with their razors. The duo sought to provide guys with a shave that was simple and straightforward: high-quality materials, a fair price and automatic delivery.

The Winston Shave Set ($25) is the perfect introduction to the brand and its ethos and just so happens to be a perfect Father’s Day gift. The set includes the Winston handle, a premium aluminum model, as well as razorblades and Harry’s shaving cream, which blends together skin-soothing ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins and more to provide a smooth shaving experience.

Harry’s Winston Shave Set

Send dear dad a Winston shave set (it’s designed to last about a month) and he’ll get a great introduction to the brand. But sign him up for Harry’s optional auto-replenishment program and you’ll be set all year long. Every time he shaves, he’ll think of you, and we can’t think of a better way to ask for favors than having dad — and his morning grooming routine — forever indebted to you.

Harry’s Winston Shave Set is available at

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Lanvin for H&M Clothes Revealed In Saucy Video

Great, big Lanvin hearts are thumping everywhere for the release of the Lanvin (Hearts) H&M collection on November 20, and Fashion Trends Daily predicts one of the biggest fast-fashion frenzies yet.

We€™re not really fans of waiting in crazy lines for things like iPhones, concerts or clothes. The closest we€™ve come in recent times is spending 30 minutes dialing and redialing€”and re-re-re-dialing €” for a table at French Laundry. And even with that, we felt stupidly like teenagers trying to score concert tickets. (Although, we did do a little cheer after snagging the last table.) We thought that was as low as we’d go, well at least until a certain 7-year-old we know who is acutely afflicted with Bieber fever asks us to take her to a concert. But we€™ve got to admit, we€™ve fallen hard over this Lanvin collaboration, and we€™re in a panic because we won’t be near one on the day it launches. We need some overly eager sort to camp out at H&M with a We (heart) Lanvin sleeping bag and snag us some goodies. Anyone….?

Lanvin darling Alber Elbaz is not only conjuring up sartorial magic at accessible prices, but has been teasing fashion-hungry mavens with morsels of info about the collection €” an announcement here, a logo there, black-and-white videos of Elbaz in his iconic horn-rimmed glasses and tuxedo with floppy bowtie talking about the collection.

But we want to see the pieces!! Give us the pieces, Alber!! Please! We beg of you!! Finally, this week our longings were answered when H&M released a video revealing the collection. (See below)

The video, shot by English director Mike Figgis, is full of leggy models with bedroom hair and smudged, glossy lips. It captures the flavor, desperation and hunger for the brand fueled by Lanvin lovers across the globe with saucy girls giving each other the “oh no you didn’” once over and demanding Lanvin from their men. Diamonds are SO over.

In a video on the Lanvin site titled €œPanic Attack,€ Elbaz admits that he was shocked to see his creations €” known for their stunning quality and attention to detail €” reproduced so well. €œWhat took me nine years to create was recreated in three months,€ said Elbaz.

And stores will be decimated in three minutes, Alber, when H&Ms across the U.S. open on November 20. Ladies, on your mark€¦

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Five Looks You Won’t Be Seeing in the Martin Margiela for H&M Collection

The Maison Martin Margiela Team

Shapes and volumes








With so much mystique surrounding its “designer,” Maison Martin Margiela was the last label we expected to team with mass retailer H&M. But H&M is nothing if not surprising. After exiting his label in 2009, nobody is sure what Martin Margiela — the man — is up to, but we all know that the team behind Maison Martin Margiela — the brand — is still sending avant garde looks and boundary-pushing shapes down the runways when they show during Paris Fashion Week. H&M collaborations have been a way for big brands to experiment, so maybe this is a taste of a more palatable future for MMM? These fall collaborations have included plenty of innovation: Jimmy Choo launched ready to wear with their H&M collection and British wunderkind Matthew Williamson tested his menswear chops with his release.

The details surrounding the Margiela H&M collaboration are trickling in slowly and nobody knows exactly what the collection will contain (for now). All we do know for certain is that it will hit stores November 15th. Until the big reveal, we’ve gathered together some iconic Margiela looks that showcase his signature style, but probably won’t make it to the masses.

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2009

One of Maison Martin Margiela’s signatures is to completely obscure models’ faces. Whether with hair, masks, sunglasses or elaborate headpieces,  the catwalk models have often remained just as anonymous as the designer himself. This look, from Spring 2009, features a full bodysuit (another house signature) crisscrossed with glittering bands. Practicality has never exactly been an issue with looks from Margiela. Notice how the model’s arm is actually tethered to her body. We don’t expect replicas of this statement-making piece to be the crown jewel of the H&M collaboration.

What could be inspired by this look? We think a glittering blue belt would be perfect for holiday parties. Accessories always sell out faster than the apparel in these collabs and we’d be more than happy to have a tamed-down version in our own closet.

Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2009

While the model isn’t completely anonymous, the lighting and staging of Margiela’s Fall 2009 show left some scratching their heads. The design team used spotlights to highlight certain aspects of each look, including this cotton candy- like pouf of a bolero. Other models walked backwards, showing bare backs framed by silver metal fixtures.

And on top of all that, there were actually some wearable pieces that were paired with not-so-wearable thigh-high boot sandals. While we can’t say for certain whether or not this confection of a cover-up made it into production, we’re certain it won’t be come November.

What could be inspired by this look? Shearling — a popular look every fall and winter — could be made into a more realistic shape and still have some of the same feel as this one-of-a-kind piece.

Maison Martin Margiela Fall 2010

Do we even need to explain this? A fox-fur hat (connected to the hands, no less) that’s so big it practically swallows up the model wearing it can’t possibly be something that would work in the real world, much less at a fast fashion retailer like H&M. Unless, that is, they suddenly start zeroing in on that certain group of bloggers vying for attention outside just about every fashion show. Everything else about the ensemble could work at H&M or any other retailer.

What could be inspired by this look? Shrink down the hat and it would be a must-have piece. Shoppers love snatching up an item that’s recognizable and there’s nothing more eye-catching than a fur hanging down half your body.

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2011

Yes, there’s no denying that shoulders have been having their time in the spotlight. From Balmain’s squared-off look to Donna Karan’s slinky cold-shoulder dresses,  designers have embraced shoulders with open arms. Too bad the model sporting this Margiela dress can’t embrace anything with her stiff  dress on. With its exaggerated silhouette the almost comical addition of sunglasses, this dress has little going for it in fit, flattery or function. Its saving grace is the hot hue. And we love a deep fuchsia.

What could be inspired by this look? Cowl-neck blouses and dresses are often on the racks at H&M, as its an easy, flattering look to wear.  As long as they ditch the hard shoulders, this look could be a best seller.

Maison Martin Margiela Spring 2012

In one of the more recent collections, models walked down the runway clutching their gowns to their bodies. It wasn’t for show, the dresses (this was the first look out on the catwalk) were designed to look like sheets thrown haphazardly around them after they, ahem, had a romp in the hay. It was a surprisingly sexy show from the design team at Maison Martin Margiela, but when critics distilled the looks, they found house trademarks like deconstruction and exaggerated volumes to reveal a classic Margiela look.

What could be inspired by this look? Put a strap on it. If this was made into a dress that people could actually wear, we’re positive that it would be one of the most covetable pieces in the collaboration.

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Monday Muse: L.A.’s For Love and Lemons Heads to the Beach

For Love and Lemons Pacific Getaway Spring 2015

Los Angeles-based For Love and Lemons is the sleeper brand that’s about to make it big. Think BCBG big, because the line is quickly expanding from an under-the-radar to a full-fledged California lifestyle line. For Love and Lemons is already a blogger favorite, but they’re racking up collabs and capsule collections (Free People, Anthro, etc.) and giving girls cool clothes with a dash of laid-back Cali boho babe and a major streak of casual sexy. The brand’s newest season is inspired by a Pacific getaway, offering up breezy, beautiful pieces that are sure to be on the back of every street style star from now until Coachella.

For Love and Lemons Pacific Getaway Spring 2015

Brazilian babe Luma Grothe models the looks for the looks and the photos were shot on location in Kauai, Hawaii. The beach was apropos, since the line hails from the sunny shores of California and often takes inspiration from the culture, style and attitude of Los Angeles. Fan favorites such as crop tops and coordinating separates are the brand’s bread and butter, so this season added plenty of sheer overlays with technicolor embroidery as well as lace accents and peekaboo panels that hide what they have to and reveal plenty of skin for those daring enough to slip into the diaphanous creations.

For more conservative customers, the for Love and Lemons always has a few more covered up options as well (plus its expansion into knitwear, Knitz, is as cozy and comfortable as can be while still being covered up).

Long, airy gauze maxis seem destined for the beach as a cover up, but can easily pull double duty for warm weather picnics and pre-summer soir©es.

For Love and Lemons Pacific Getaway Spring 2015

Apricot, turquoise and white were the dominant colors for spring (plus, they’re perfect for the dogs days of summer that are sure to follow), but with so much sheer, nude and mesh on display in the collection, those pops of color are magnified and intensified tenfold — it’s an easy way to make a statement no matter where you’re headed. And with new releases from the line every two weeks (as is the For Love and Lemons MO), you’ve got plenty of options to stock up on for your own getaway this year.

For more information, visit


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Monday Muse: Slim Aarons Inspires Michael Kors Resort 2014

Slim Aarons photography

It might seem like every single season is resort for Michael Kors, who has built his fashion empire on the idea of jetsetting around the world. His campaigns are known for tan bodies, gleaming gold detailing and exotic locales such as Aspen in the winter, models blushing apr¨s-ski, and Miami Beach for the summer, aviator sunglasses gleaming in the setting sun. His latest collection includes all of his brand’s signature pieces and each and every one looks like it stepped right out of a Slim Aaron’s photograph. Kors and Aarons seem to be cut from the same cloth (perfectly wrinkled white linen, probably), especially with a collection that’s perfect for the Palm Beach and Palm Springs environs that Aarons favored.

Slim Aarons photography

Slim Aarons photography



Slim Aarons was known for his photographs of socialites, celebrities and the international jet set, which might be why Michael Kors seems to be so enamored with his work. Aarons famously stated that he was just “photographing attractive people doing attractive things in attractive places.” Why did the monied men and women from Palm Springs to Palm Beach trust him? He was no threat to them. Aarons worked as an army combat photographer, so he was used to staying on the sidelines. He let his subjects be themselves — without the help of stylists, make-up artists or a hair team — and he was just lucky enough to have subjects that were already stylish and lounging around the world’s most beautiful settings.

His photography appeared in magazines such as Town and CountryLife and Holiday. He shot as many normal people as he did celebrities, so it comes as no surprise that his photography books put men such as Clark Gable and Gary Cooper alongside great society women from both coasts.

Perfectly coiffed, always beaming and seemingly living an endless vacation, Aarons’ subjects seemed to be real life birds of paradise.

Michael Kors Resort 2014

Michael Kors Resort 2014













At his resort presentation, Michael Kors’ models were tan, taut and wearing everything from white bikinis to floor-length maxi gowns. Resort is the collection that stays on the sales floor the longest, so it makes sense that the breadth of the collection spanned from seasonal favorites to wear-everywhere staples. Kors presented leather coats and safari-inspired jackets alongside cut-out bathing suits, all paired with sky-high platform wedges. The colors in play included stark white and black, Aarons’ staples, along with a shot of hot pink, the exact color of the geraniums that Kors spied in so many of Aaron’s photos.

Michael Kors Resort 2014

Michael Kors Resort 2014













Animal prints — a Kors staple, not an Aarons signature — were also a major part of the collection. Kors used giraffes, zebras and leopard in everything from short shorts to swimsuits (embellished to the nines, of course) as well as a floor-grazing showstopper of a caftan that’s fit for the most regal society woman sitting by her perfect azure pool. It was so light and airy that it practically begged for a vacation all its own. No matter what your plans are for the summer, there’s a Kors outfit for every fabulous affair. Martini sold separately.