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Lanvin for H&M Clothes Revealed In Saucy Video

Great, big Lanvin hearts are thumping everywhere for the release of the Lanvin (Hearts) H&M collection on November 20, and Fashion Trends Daily predicts one of the biggest fast-fashion frenzies yet.

We€™re not really fans of waiting in crazy lines for things like iPhones, concerts or clothes. The closest we€™ve come in recent times is spending 30 minutes dialing and redialing€”and re-re-re-dialing €” for a table at French Laundry. And even with that, we felt stupidly like teenagers trying to score concert tickets. (Although, we did do a little cheer after snagging the last table.) We thought that was as low as we’d go, well at least until a certain 7-year-old we know who is acutely afflicted with Bieber fever asks us to take her to a concert. But we€™ve got to admit, we€™ve fallen hard over this Lanvin collaboration, and we€™re in a panic because we won’t be near one on the day it launches. We need some overly eager sort to camp out at H&M with a We (heart) Lanvin sleeping bag and snag us some goodies. Anyone….?

Lanvin darling Alber Elbaz is not only conjuring up sartorial magic at accessible prices, but has been teasing fashion-hungry mavens with morsels of info about the collection €” an announcement here, a logo there, black-and-white videos of Elbaz in his iconic horn-rimmed glasses and tuxedo with floppy bowtie talking about the collection.

But we want to see the pieces!! Give us the pieces, Alber!! Please! We beg of you!! Finally, this week our longings were answered when H&M released a video revealing the collection. (See below)

The video, shot by English director Mike Figgis, is full of leggy models with bedroom hair and smudged, glossy lips. It captures the flavor, desperation and hunger for the brand fueled by Lanvin lovers across the globe with saucy girls giving each other the “oh no you didn’” once over and demanding Lanvin from their men. Diamonds are SO over.

In a video on the Lanvin site titled €œPanic Attack,€ Elbaz admits that he was shocked to see his creations €” known for their stunning quality and attention to detail €” reproduced so well. €œWhat took me nine years to create was recreated in three months,€ said Elbaz.

And stores will be decimated in three minutes, Alber, when H&Ms across the U.S. open on November 20. Ladies, on your mark€¦