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Off the Grid: Chic Check Picks for Under $80

Fall is generally about cozy sweaters, nubby tweeds and plenty of pumpkin spice, but this season, one of the biggest trends to hit stores is a clean new take on traditional plaid. Instead of the usual jewel tones and bold colors, designers have pared down the pattern to its most basic and are offering up a minimal, windowpane plaid that’s in line with this season’s minimalism trend.

You’ll find plenty of options from high-end designers such as Stella McCartney and even boho brand Chlo©, but you’ll also find it at more affordable prices on everything from tops and skirts to full-on dresses. It’s a chic way to give any outfit a big dose graphic impact, and because the new plaid is simple — especially when done in black and white — it lets everything you add really shine. So go ahead and grab your most vibrantly hued shoes and bags: it’s time for them to have a little piece of the spotlight, too.

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Launch We Love: Harry’s Shaving and Father’s Day Gift Set

Andy Katz-Mayfield and Jeffrey Raider

You didn’t think that subscription services were languishing away, like Japanese digital pets and wedge sneakers. did you? Think again.  They’re still going strong and with Father’s Day just creeping around the corner, we’re loving Harry’s, a shaving company for guys who don’t want to fuss with replacing their razors or stocking up on shave cream.

Founders Jeffrey Raider — co-founder of the popular, revolutionary optics Web site Warby Parker — and Andy Katz-Mayfield started the company as a way to step away from the over-complicated razors that were inundating the market. Blades were getting too numerous, vibration was just another gimmick and so many companies were overpromising with their razors. The duo sought to provide guys with a shave that was simple and straightforward: high-quality materials, a fair price and automatic delivery.

The Winston Shave Set ($25) is the perfect introduction to the brand and its ethos and just so happens to be a perfect Father’s Day gift. The set includes the Winston handle, a premium aluminum model, as well as razorblades and Harry’s shaving cream, which blends together skin-soothing ingredients such as essential oils, vitamins and more to provide a smooth shaving experience.

Harry’s Winston Shave Set

Send dear dad a Winston shave set (it’s designed to last about a month) and he’ll get a great introduction to the brand. But sign him up for Harry’s optional auto-replenishment program and you’ll be set all year long. Every time he shaves, he’ll think of you, and we can’t think of a better way to ask for favors than having dad — and his morning grooming routine — forever indebted to you.

Harry’s Winston Shave Set is available at