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Monday Muse: the Tidepools of Monterey Inspire Rodarte Spring 2015

Rodarte Spring 2015

After last season’s trip to Endor (and plenty of sci-fi stops along the way), the designing duo of Kate and Laura Mulleavy took inspiration from a spot a little closer to home for Rodarte’s Spring 2015 collection. Instead of Star Wars printed gowns and glittery coats, the collection featured a softer, more feminine approach to the line’s slightly off-kilter ethos. As children, the sisters often visited the tide pools in Monterey, a sleepy seaside town in Central California known for its aquarium. The Spring 2015 Rodarte collection sought to capture the magic of those undersea pools, the light reflecting off of the water and all of the life contained within each mini ecosystem.

€œWe wanted to re-create the texture of those underwater tide pools,€ Kate Mulleavy told Vogue, €œto explore this idea of underwater worlds, with all the movement and fluidity.€

Rodarte Spring 2015

That inspiration was most clear in the flowing, delicate and etherial dresses that Rodarte is known for.

A series of the gowns featured layers upon layers of sheer fabric meant to evoke the foam and water of the beach. Underneath and embroidered onto those filmy layers were cockles, anemones, seaweed and more. Dresses were crafted from mesh that resembled fishing nets and the dress that closed the show was dipped in sand to really drive the undersea message home.

But the collection wasn’t all fantasy. Real girls — the ones that practically worship the sisters’ designs — will have plenty to wear even if they don’t frequent galas and red carpets. Skinny jeans were worn under thigh-high lace up boots, mimicking the ropes and nets seen on piers. Baja-inspired hoodies and parkas were worn loose and off-the-shoulder, giving the beach girls a relaxed vibe that carried fashion’s new obsession with relaxation and slouchy tailoring. Soft blouses and knits were equally easy and were festooned with seaweed-inspired motifs and embellishment. One item in particular, gauzy scarves that were beaded with custom-made Rodarte bottlecaps and soda pulls among other flotsam and jetsam — had editors aflutter, phones poised for Instagram moments. It’s that whimsy and irreverent wink to fashion that sets Rodarte apart from its peers and reels in fans season after season.