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Edgy & Chic? The Ear Jacket is Both

Jennifer Lawrence

The ear has been in focus lately. A few years ago, everyone was wearing huge, dangling chandeliers (call it the Beyonc© effect) and just last year, women everywhere were scrambling to snag the punk-tinged ear cuff (we blame the Met Gala’s punk exhibit for that one). With sites such as Baublebar making it easier than ever to snag trendy jewels without breaking the bank, it’s easy to see why the latest accessories obsession is all over: the ear jacket.

From dainty and feminine takes on the look €” think of it as a stud and a little bit of embellishment under the lobe €” to more forward-leaning, fashion looks, the site is fully stocked with picks for everyone’s style. Blame Bey or that ubiquitous Dior bauble, because it’s all about the ear. Not that we’re complaining. We’ll be the girl you see sporting the ear jackets and skipping out on Givenchy’s facial tattoos and septum piercings.

Images courtesy Baublebar
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Outfit Inspiration: Olivia Wilde’s Visible Bra

Olivia Wilde attends the Jeff Koons H&M Launch

Olivia Wilde had a baby just three months ago and she’s wearing a sheer shirt. Now that that’s out of the way, we can call attention to her bra. Yeah, you read that right. Wilde’s bra is showing, which happens to be one of the summer’s biggest trends. We see visible underpinnings on the runway, but it’s usually relegated to super sexed up shows such as Versace or Pucci. Last season, however, we saw it more and more from designers that are usually more covered up. Milly and Rebecca Minkoff both showed bra tops and with the proliferation of crop tops this summer, it’s a great way you can wear your favorite fitted crop into the fall.

Wilde debuted her bra and her just-had-a-baby bod at the launch of Jeff Koons’ special collaboration with H&M. Not only did he allow the fast fashion retailer to use one of his works on a bag, he leant the company a huge balloon dog for the opening of their largest store. Sitting pretty on Fifth Ave., it’ll be the largest H&M in the world until the brand opens a 63,000 square foot store in Herald Square this fall. Wilde proudly wore the collab bag on her arm, but we were more into her visible bra and lady tuxedo. Get the look with our picks, abs not included.

Helmut Lang Stretch Micro-modal Bra Top

So first thing’s first: you’ve decided to show off your bra.

You’ve got to have a great bra — not to mention a midsection that’s worth showing off. If you’ve put in your time at the gym (or you’re on that cleanse that your friend heard about from Gwyneth’s dermatologist’s manicurist) something like the Helmut Lang Stretch Micro-modal Bra Top ($90) is a great option. It’s got enough visual interest to stand on its own and it’s not too frilly that it’ll look out of place underneath a sheer top.

If you’re going for something tailored and clean, it’s a great bet that’ll work on its own, too. If you’re going more bohemian, look for something less architectural and opt for something romantic.

Available at Net-a-Porter.

1. Showing your bra requires a top that’s sheer. The Helmut Lang Twist-back Viscose Top ($275) is just sheer enough so that you’re sure to give a flash or two of your attention-seeking bra but opaque enough so that you won’t look completely naked.

2. If you want a tuxedo-inspired jacket that isn’t just for after-dark occasions, try the Theory Lanai Stretch Crepe Blazer ($375). It’s got all the details of a tux without the shiny lapel (or any lapel), making it great for day and night alike.

3. If you’ve ever wanted an original Koons, the H&M Jeff Koons Handbag ($49.95) might be the closest you’ll get for under $50. With his iconic Balloon Dog (Yellow) on the front — and a celeb endorsement from Wilde and more — think of it as wearable art.