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Can Ken Melt Barbie’s Heart of Plastic?

Breaking up is hard to do. But we ladies have the rituals down pat. We pull out an arsenal of playlists filled with songs like Duffy€™s €œDelayed Devotion,€ Beyonce€™s €œSingle Ladies (Put A Ring On It) € and every woman€™s classic, must-have break-up standby: Gloria Gaynor€™s €œI Will Survive.€  We salve our wounds with a fabulous, man-killing pair of vertiginous heels after strolling past a favorite bistro where we once remembered long, intimate dinners. And, yes, we may have a cupcake €” or 10 €” while curled up on the couch sniffling and watching €œJoy Luck Club.€

We tell our besties that we€™re so over him, thankful that the narcissistic, plastic, insensitive, fill-in-the-blank brute is out of our lives for good. But secretly we hope that he will rent out a billboard professing his undying love, tweet his devotion like Ashton and have custom cupcakes created at Magnolia Bakery with sweet little messages of love for us.

What man would ever do this?! Hint: He drives a corvette, is perpetually bronzed, has perfect pearly whites and his ex has a purported 18€ waist.

Yes, Ken €” as in Ken and Barbie. (Like we said: What man would do this?!) The famous couple has been broken up for 7 years, reportedly ripped apart by an Aussie surfer named Blaine. But Ken wants her back now, and realizes that no one will ever measure up €” literally €” so he (with the help of the cheeky matchmakers at Mattel) has gone on an aggressive campaign to win Barbie back, complete with Billboards on busy Los Angeles thoroughfares and cupcakes at Magnolia bakeries in New York and L.A.

on sale through February 14.

Ken, a voracious social media participant, was discovered checking in to Foursquare at Magnolia Bakery last month to customize treats for his sweetie and has taken to Facebook and Twitter to win her heart.

Earlier today Ken tweeted: €œI want my doll€™s heart back, and I need your help getting it!€

We€™re a sucker for a good Valentine story, real or not. So we strolled

over to Magnolia on Third Street in L.A. on Superbowl Sunday, because we had to see what the hunk

created. We admit, we got a little misty eyed when we saw the billowy hot pink frosting decorated with a white chocolate heart that read: €œYou’re the only doll for me €” Ken.€ And promptly devoured said cupcake when we got home.

Mattel has helped to facilitate the reconciliation with full page ads in the likes of magazines such as Us Weekly, and fans can vote by text on whether or not Barbie should take Ken back.  (Text THUMBS UP or THUMBS DOWN to 51684)

But here€™s what we really want to know: What would Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger have to say to Ken?

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Our Favorite Fall Capes for Under $85

Dashing Tweeds Day Cape

The cape is victim to a certain amount of sartorial confusion. Is it practical? Is it too much of a costume? Well, the answer is yes, it is practical and yes, it can veer into costume territory, but the overall look with a cape is less witchy and, in fact, completely chic. Think of the golden age of the jet set era, when women would dash around in capes from on trips from Aspen or Gstaad (a cape is a versatile outerwear piece that you can use as a blanket while in-flight). Designers such as Hedi Slimane at Saint Laurent, Tom Ford — remember Gwyneth? — DvF and more showed capes on their fall 2013 runways.

If you’re not one to take inspiration from the hyper-stylized runways, imagine you’re strolling along the Seine or biking along the Thames, oversize sunglasses perched on your face and your cape flowing behind you — you get the idea. The cape is a romantic, feminine piece that you can throw over just about any outfit. And like a coat, it’ll keep you warm, but it won’t cause any bunching on your sleeves if you’ve got a sweater or blouse on underneath and if you think you’ll be encumbered, you’ll be happy to know that most capes have arm holes cut out so you can access your phone and essentials. Still too timid? Our picks won’t break the bank, so feel free to experiment with one of these chic toppers.

Warehouse Stripe Cape

The first way to avoid any similarity to a cast member of American Horror Story: Coven is to avoid an all-black cape. The Warehouse Stripe Cape ($53.39) is a versatile piece that’ll give your denim and other standbys a more bohemian vibe (think Paris’ left bank or Los Angeles’ Laurel Canyon neighborhood). Bold stripes and blanket detailing make this something you’d see coming off the Ann Demeulemeester runway, so if you’re all about prim and pretty, look elsewhere. That’s not to say this isn’t versatile, however, because over just about anything, it would be the perfect way to cozy up.

Available at ASOS.

Warehouse Geo-Tribal Cape

If your style is more Ralph Lauren than Rick Owens, the Warehouse Geo-Tribal Cape ($53.39) is an easy way to get Ralph’s RRL look.

The Southwest and Native American motifs have always been a standby of Lauren’s runway shows — when he’s not going mod, My Fair Lady or Spanish matador — and photos of him lounging at his ranch often show his wife Ricky swathed in rich-hued Navajo blankets. Go for Lauren’s signature, including worn, washed jeans, cozy cable-knit sweaters and preppy-western staples such as flannel shirts and your favorite leather boots. Not one to hang out on a ranch? It’ll look equally as chic in the city with a turtleneck.

Available at ASOS.

Warehouse Animal Cape

For major animal magnetism, we suggest the  Warehouse Animal Cape ($53.39). You already know that we’re loving animal print for fall (for any season, really), so it’s no surprise that we’ve fallen for this cape. It’s got the same easy shape as the last two and it makes the same big statement, but it’s a little easier to wear with the more neutral-leaning print. We love the idea of keeping warm after dark with this cheetah-print cape, so pull it on over a cocktail dress, an LBD or keep it at your side at all times so you can stay stylish and warm no matter what you’ve got on.

Available at ASOS.

Jarlo Kerry Check Cape

Jarlo Kerry, a Brit label started by designer Carly Hallahan, started out as just a stand at Portobello Road. Today, it’s a line that It-girls go to for sweet sun dresses, mod shifts and more. The brand’s Check Cape ($85) is a cape/coat hybrid — a very British shape — that’ll serve you well no matter what side of the Atlantic you’re on. The traditional check will give you a cool, uptown look that’s perfect for ice skating at Rockefeller Center, strolls through Central Park or even the film screenings at L.A.’s Hollywood Forever cemetery. Unlike the other capes we’ve shown, it’s got a more traditional double-breasted silhouette that’ll stay closed and keep you warm no matter where you take it.

Available at ASOS.