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Monday Muse: Jane Austen Inspires L.A.’s Wildfox Couture

Jane Austen

There are brands that are Fashion Week standbys (think Calvin, Ralph, Michael and Marc), and there are others that show in New York away from the pomp and circumstance of the tents at Lincoln Center and even the new venue Spring Studios. A lot of labels, including established brands, choose to have their presentations in off-site spaces just to get away from the crowds and the preconceptions. Before New York Fashion Week officially started, L.A.’s Wildfox Couture decided to stage their presentation off calendar. Starlets, NY’s pretty young things and more braved the polar vortex to attend, and what they saw wasn’t your average fashion show. Instead, the laid-back L.A. brand that’s favored by stars such as Selena Gomez and singers like Taylor Swift showed a collection inspired by the sweet rebellion and romance of Jane Austen and her iconic literary heroines. The result? An irresistible collection that’s sure to have the Hollywood set brushing up on their Austen.

Wildfox Couture Fall 2014

Previously, Wildfox Couture collections have taken inspiration from Charlie’s Angels (if they went on a trip together to Miami) and the Roaring ’20s, all done up loose, relaxed knits and clothes that work just as well on the boardwalk in Venice Beach as they do in hip New York City bars.

The Fall 2014 collection, dubbed Sense and Eccentricity, mashed up the worlds of grunge and Austen, giving the show’s attendees a slew of items to lust for when the collection hits stores in a few short months.

Wildfox Couture Fall 2014

Drawing from the English countryside, there were faded Liberty florals and washed out shades of pale pink, military olive and off-whites on the brand’s signature slouchy sweatshirts (a perfect companion for plane travel, as many an LAX-bound paparazzi victim can attest), this time embellished with Union Jack motifs and tassels. Those signature knits were paired with everything from high-waisted shorts that are sure to make the rounds at Coachella to long flowing maxis that are more appropriate for mall trips than moor hikes.

Designer Kimberly Gordon also styled the girl’s ’90s boots — reminiscent of the Doc Martens that ruled the malls and school halls during the heyday of Cher Horowitz and Angela Chase — paired with scrunched socks. The Austen touch came in accents such as baby’s breath woven into romantic curls or peeping out from bootlaces, but what struck us as the most Austen element had to be the quiet rebellion of the entire collection (and the ethos of the Wildfox brand). These clothes aren’t precious or pushing the boundaries, but there’s something in the collection that every girl can relate to, just like Austen’s oeuvre.