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Monday Muse: the Bront« Sisters Inspire Clover Canyon

Clover Canyon Fall 2015

Travel has always been an undercurrent at Clover Canyon. Designer Rozae Nichols has stamps in her passport from trips to the Irish moors, the Technicolor scenes of Ibiza and rave culture of, well, just about everywhere. It’s not hard to see Clover Canyon’s swirling colors and hyperrealistic prints among the Calvin Harris-soundtracked festival set, but for fall, Nichols has turned away from the bright hues and turned to moodier influences: the Bron« Sisters, the British countryside and just a touch of San Francisco’s hippie culture.

Prints always have been €” and from the looks of it, always will be €” part of Clover Canyon’s DNA, this time around they were set on darker backdrops, less rainbow and more rain-soaked. The images drew from Art Nouveau and Edwardian motifs, but the color palette and the general air of romance was drawing on the Bront«s. Nichols likes to craft a story for her collections, so the Bront«’s Wuthering Heights or Jane Eyre were just fine, thank you very much.

Why mess with the classics?

Clover Canyon Fall 2015

Romanticism came by way of super-feminine shapes and tapestry patterns (think skater skirts, ruffles and flares), but there was a touch of Bohemia thrown in, too. San Francisco’s hippie Haight came into play when Nichols started to play with fabrication. Wool? No, it was polarfleece, trimmed with vegan leather. There was wool, however, in some outerwear pieces that may be more commercial than something like, say, a printed high-low top with ruffled sleeves. As a contemporary label, Clover Canyon is wise to offer something for everyone. For every patterned pant, there were solid ribbed turtlenecks or knits embellished with cuffs or just a dash of print. When those pieces hit stores this fall, festival season will be in the rear view, but these clothes will undoubtedly look fresh.