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Think Pink: Our Favorite Picks for Under $100

If there’s a color that’s truly seasonless €“ while still being unexpected €” it’s pink. Pink at Christmas? Why not? Pink in spring? It’s a given. Summertime? Get the neon out.

We’re completely enamored with this soft, feminine and fierce hue because it’s got so many personalities. Blush is neutral and demure and fuchsia is about as in-your-face as it get. This summer, get a hold of our favorite pink picks for a fresh take on the perennial favorite.

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Save Steal Splurge: the Summer Bootie

It’s time to stow away those rain boots and equestrian riders. But just because you’re shaving your legs again and showing some skin doesn’t mean it’s just flip flops and gladiators on the footwear menu. We’ve got plenty of warm weather wares in store, including these great braided booties that’ll look just as good with boho staples as sleek sheaths. Get your pedis booked and prep yourself for a season of hand-hewn details, because it’s all about braids, beads and embroidery when the sun’s out.

We think it’s a welcome change from coats and knits, so shop on!