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Organize Your Trinkets and Treasures For Under $20

An organized desk courtesy CB2

Just in time for the holiday rush, which usually coincides with a mess on your desk — or you drawers, night table, entryway, etc. — brands are putting out perfectly pretty storage solutions that aren’t your run-of-the-mill plastic bins. So while you do some fall cleaning (spring cleaning happened, right?) before you’re ready to have guests over, take some time to organize with these unique finds, which will keep everything from earrings and rings to keys, clips and pencils hidden from sight. Each and every one is a little unexpected and, surprisingly, under $25.

Chambre de Sucre Macaron Limoge Trinket Boxes

For the Francophile

Girly girls and ladies who lunch alike will get a blast out of the Chambre de Sucre Macaron Limoge Trinket Boxes ($13.95) — available in Rose, Light Pink, Peach, Light Lavender, Light Yellow, and Pistachio. The sweet little boxes are meant to look exactly like French macarons, and unless you look closely, you’ll be fooled by just how lifelike they are. But open up their petite gilt clasps and you’ll find enough space to store a few stud earrings, a ring or two and maybe a delicate necklace and charm. Give these out as party favors or keep them for yourself — they’re a sweet way to keep your jewelry organized and tangle free on your night table.

Available at Birchbox.

Nut Case

For the foodie

Foodie or not, it’s hard to resist the whimsy and charm of CB2’s Nut case ($7.95).

Keep actual nuts in it for a real smile or have it on your desk to keep extra cords, Post-it notes or pens organized. The white glazed nut is small enough to store candies, too, so if you plan on using it for entertaining, it’ll serve you well all year long. Sometimes, you just feel like a nut.

Available at CB2.

Forest Desk Box

Anthropologie is a great resource for inspiration, whether you need some new ideas for your closet or your home. Their quirky-cute ethos is one reason they’ve got such a loyal clientele — you can totally spot an Anthro girl when you see one — who will undoubtedly love the Forest Desk Box ($18). Keep it by your bed (or your briar patch if you happen to be a fairy princess) to stow your hand creams and nighttime lip balms or let it live on your desk to store pens, paperclips, fairy dust and more. Available in two sizes, it’s a darling way to pay homage to the great outdoors if you happen to be stuck indoors at a desk all day.

Available at Anthropologie.

Tool Box

Wait, an actual tool box? Why not? If it’s good enough to organize your hammer, screwdrivers, ratchet wrenches and more, why not get a version that’s sized down for your desk? Great for those who move their notebook computers from desk to dining room table or anyone who wants their cubicle to look a little more industrial, the West Elm Market Tool Box ($16) is a hardy and handy way to stay organized. Everything you put inside is portable thanks to the box’s handle and inside, you’ll find plenty of room for all your tools — whether they’re for fixing up a house or fixing up your blog.

Available at West Elm.