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H&M and David Beckham Heat Up the Super Bowl Again

David Beckham for H&M Spring 2014

Girls, you’ve got one more reason to tune into the Super Bowl this year, because David Beckham and his H&M bodywear collection are coming back for a repeat performance. Back in 2012, Beckham sizzled on the screen to promote his then-new capsule collection for the Swedish retailer, but this year, he’s upping the ante with a bigger production, skimpier underwear and a giving his fans a chance to choose the ending of the commercial. So sit tight during those commercial breaks, because Becks is back and he’s got plenty to show off.

David Beckham for H&M Spring 2014

In 2012, H&M’s Beckham commercial was ranked number one in social media for Super Bowl ads with 109,000 comments coming in from around the world. No doubt the pair want even better engagement this year, since they’ll be the sole retailer to have an ad during the telecast. So among the commercials for cars, snacks, soda and more, Beckham’s out to make a huge splash with social media and viewers alike. This year, H&M will be spending $4 million in ad dollars to get the spot a prime time slot and generate mass hysteria among the Super Bowl’s more fashion-leaning fans.

In the ad, Beckham finds himself stuck on the rooftop of the Truman Brewery in East London after a photo shoot in nothing but his skivvies, leaving him with only his wits and an impressive repertoire of parkour moves to get him back down to more reasonable environs. Of course there’ll be plenty of skin and underwear on display, just like his previous commercials with H&M. Past directors have included Guy Richie, but this year, the commercial is under the direction of Nicolas Winding Refn, who you’ll recognize from films such as Drive and Only God Forgives.

€œIt was so exciting to work with one of my favourite directors, Nicolas Winding Refn, on my new campaign for H&M,” said Beckham.

“Nicolas pushed me hard to create an action-packed film, which shows off this season€™s new heritage-inspired bodywear at its best.”

David Beckham for H&M Spring 2014

Fans of the bodywear line will get a new range of stripes and solids to add to their collection in familiar shapes such as long-sleeved henley tops, tank tops and underwear. It’s also the debut the line’s first graphics, which appear as varsity-inspired Bs on the back of a few items. Spring 2014 also marks the launch of David Beckham Bodywear pieces for kids, which mirror the design and feel of the adult range. The kids’ line include pajamas and long johns in addition to underwear, tanks and tees.

David Beckham for H&M Spring 2014

But back to the ad, which, for the first time will include a crowdsourced ending. Beginning January 27, fans can visit H&M’s website and vote for their favorite ending. Fans can chose between or #covered for a more covered-up conclusion to Beckham’s acrobatic ad or #uncovered for a more revealing look at the world-famous footballer. If you happen to be in New York in the week leading up to the big game, you’ll be able to vote directly on iPads set up in H&M’s Times Square flagship. Online voting will be extended right through the eve of  Super Bowl XLVIII, so you’ll have plenty of time to weigh in on just how much you want Becks to be wearing when he arrives at his destination at the end of the commercial. You can log onto the site or just use your Instagram and Twitter to vote via hashtag.

The David Beckham Bodywear Spring 2014 collection will be available online and in-stores beginning January 30.

For a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the commercial, check out the video below:

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Organize your Everyday Items for Under $60

A place for everything, everything in its place.

Having a closet that looks like the one pictured above is a pipe dream for most of us, but just because we can’t keep our clothes in what looks like a catalog shoot doesn’t mean that we have to give it all up. Keeping your life organized doesn’t always take a major overhaul so we’re focusing on little steps you can take to streamline your routine and really get the things you already have neat and tidy. From an in-purse essential to an unexpected office staple to store your purses, these picks are sure to have your space looking a bit more polished.

Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized

Organize your: purse

Even the best It-Bags can become black holes. With receipts, wallets, lipsticks, hand sanitizer and pens all collecting into a mass of chaos on the bottom of even the most chic bags. Cindy Crawford’s go-to makeup artist Sonia Kashuk is offering ladies a way to stay organized, even on the go. The Sonia Kashuk Completely Organized ($14.99) pouch is a quick and easy way not only to stay tidy, but to swap out your bag. Keep necessities in the zippered compartments to keep them from straying in your purse and you’l be able to find everything in no time at all. When you’re ready to swap into a new bag, just take your wallet and this pouch over and you’re set to go.

Available at Target.

Muji acrylic cases

Organize your: makeup

Part of what makes makeup so great is how beautiful some of the packaging is. From the chic simplicity of Chanel lipstick to the luxe decadence of Tom Ford palette, sometimes things are just made to be seen.

So instead of stowing it all away in your bathroom cabinet, the Muji Acrylic Cases ($24.75-27.95) keep things tidy and on display. The smooth, perfectly sized drawers are available in five and three-level styles and are all stackable so you can keep your organization growing as you add to your collection.

Available at Muji.

Household Essential Nine-pair Shoe Rack

Organize your: shoes

Ah, shoes. We love them whether they hurt our feet, make us feel like a million bucks or cost a million bucks. It seems as if there’s no real way to organize them where they’re on display, at hand and out of the way, but the Household Essential Nine-pair Shoe Rack ($17.99) does it all. While it doesn’t look like the most glam option, the simple rack keeps your shoes from piling up at the bottom of your closet and easy to get to. No opening lids, no digging through cubbies and no shoes hanging off of your doors.

Available at Kohl’s.

Accordion collator

Organize your: clutches

‘Wait, but that’s a file collator,” you’re thinking. We know, but hear us out. The Accordion Collator ($58) is just the thing to have in your closet. Those individual spots are the perfect place to store your slouchy oversized leather clutches, oft-neglected beaded evening bags and even your smaller crossbodies. Expanded out to its full length, this organizer will sort a dozen of your smaller bags without them falling off a shelf or getting lost in a jumble.

Available at Anthropologie.

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Sperry Top-Sider Teams with L.A. Artist Gray Malin

Sperry Top Sider x Gray Malin boat shoe

East Coast and yacht club staple Sperry Top-Sider is teaming up with L.A.’s Gray Malin for a special capsule collection that combines the artist’s iconic beach photos and Sperry’s iconic shoes for a summer-ready collab that will have preppy fans of the brand and art aficionados celebrating in equal measure.

“Over the past few years I have taken behind-the-scene images of my Sperry shoes dangling from the side of helicopters during my aerial shoots,” says Malin. “Ultimately, this inspired me to reach out to Sperry to bring my images to the classic shoes from this iconic American brand I love so much.”

Sperry Top Sider x Gray Malin

The capsule collection includes the artist’s shots from beaches in Lisbon, Portugal (the colorful umbrella print); Cefal¹, Sicily (rendered in chic black and white) and Cape Town, South Africa (the cool, teal and white option) on iconic styles such as the brand’s boat shoes and slip-on sneakers.

Malin’s signature overhead shots — taken from a helicopter — include waves, sunbathers and umbrellas and even a vintage-inspired black and white coastal print. The collection features four of Malin’s shots available on three Sperry Top-Sider styles. The shoes range from $77 to $85 and will be available next week at select Sperry Top-Sider locations and boutiques such as Colette in Paris.

This isn’t the first round of collabs for Sperry. The shoe brand had a long-running relationship with L.A.-based Band of Outsiders as well as New York-based contemporary fashion label Milly.

For more information, visit

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Monday Muse: The New French Guard

Charlotte Gainsbourg and Lou Doillon

There’s a certain style that French girls have deep inside their blood that the rest of the world just can’t get enough of. Way back in the heyday of Brigitte Bardot, bombshell curves, sexy bedroom hair and smoldering eyes were what every girl wanted. Jake Birkin not only got an iconic handbag named for her, but her signature blend of nonchalance and casual luxury made her a style icon for a whole different sort of girl. And for the prim, proper and, let’s face it, well-monied, there was always Catherine Deneuve’s razor-sharp tailoring and perfect polish to strive for. Today’s French girls — and the rest of the world — have a different generation to look to for sartorial inspiration. The new icons of French fashion are taking the style standards set by their countrywomen and giving them a spin that’s unique and utterly covetable. And best of all, the new French guard are style superstars in their own right.

Lou Doillon

For those who love Jane Birkin and her laid-back style, her daughter Lou Doillon in carrying on that legacy. Signature style moves include borrowing beat-up leather bombers from the boys and wearing haute couture thanks to her friendship with Givenchy’s Ricardo Tischi. She moonlights as a model and muse, but in her native France she’s also an actress and a singer. She’s the girl to go to if you’re style leans more towards tomboy standbys such as boxy blazers, statement hats and minimal makeup, but like her mother, she’s a master of blending couture with jeans and leather booties. You may recognize her from the Gap’s Individuals book alongside icons such as Sarah Jessica Parker and more as well as her front-row appearances at Paris Fashion Week’s hottest shows.

Charlotte Gainsbourg

Jane Birkin’s got enough style cred to share, because another one of her daughters, Charlotte Gainsbourg, is also a French style icon.

The actress, whose father is French crooner Serge Gainsbourg, has gained critical accolades in several of her films, but on the streets, she’s applauded for her chic and timeless style. Seemingly immune to runway trends,Gainsbourg steers clear of flashy, instantly recognizable pieces and instead, chooses sheath dresses, classic blouses and traditional pieces that all fit her perfectly. Look back at photos and you could be looking at a snap from 2014 or 2010 with Gainsbourg looking polished and pretty without flashing a single designer label. She’s currently playing muse to director Lars von Trier, but she’s also releasing music and keeping cool in France. To get Gainsbourg’s signature look, keep everything minimal and polished, but add a little edge with unexpected accessories.

Cl©mence Poesy

She’s not quite the blonde bombshell that Brigitte Bardot was, but Cl©mence Poesy is the flaxen-haired girl on the French fashion scene today. You probably recognize her from the Harry Potter films, where she played the beautiful and charming Fleur DelaCour, but the actress has grown up and has fronted Chlo©’s fragrance campaigns and has played muse to Karl Lagerfeld’s Chanel collections. She’s also known for blending high fashion with casual looks, attending fashion shows dressed in the latest Chanel tweeds paired with G-Star denim and tousled hair. And if you’re into Bardot’s signature beauty look, Poesy is carrying the torch with kohl-rimmed eyes and pouty nude lips, something her French sisters usually skip. Think of it as the new French bombshell: smoldering without going over-the-top, all while dripping in Chanel.