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Modern Family Star Teams with the Tie Bar for Marriage Equality

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Modern Family star and Emmy award nominee Jesse Tyler Ferguson has made numerous red carpet appearances wearing his signature twist on black tie — he’s added patterned jackets to the mix, embraced colored tuxedos and is almost always spotted with a bow tie. Ferguson, along with his fianc© Justin Mikita, have teamed with one of our favorite brands, the Tie Bar, for a capsule collection of bow ties that raise money for organizations fighting for marriage equality in America. So every time you see him — or one of his Modern Family cast-mates stepping onto the red carpet sporting a smart bow tie, you’ll know that they’re fighting for equal rights and smart fashion choices all at once.

Together, Ferguson and Mikita have created Tie the Knot, an charity that supports organizations that are striving to bring marriage equality to the forefront of public affairs. Tie the Knot’s logo, the owl, which Ferguson says are not only cute, but represent foresight, perspective and patience, three things that marriage equality supporters need to fight the good fight, also appears on their signature bow ties. Teaming with the Tie Bar, which Ferguson has previously worn on the red carpet and at various events — it’s also a GQ and Fashion Trends Daily go-to — Tie the Knot has created a small collection of bow ties that will be sold online to benefit various charities throughout the year.

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The collection, which has 20 different patterns, includes traditional bow ties as well as more retro-inspired diamond-end selections.

Each pattern was chosen by Ferguson and Mikita, who were inspired by art, street style, photography and different things in their own home. Each style is produced in limited quantities, to promote individuality and to make savvy shoppers click quickly when they see a style that they can’t live without. The collection will change seasonally, though we expect to see Tie the Knot’s cute owl logo come back season after season.

For the first season, Tie the Knot and the Tie Bar have teamed with Human Rights Campaign, one of America’s largest civil rights organizations working to fight for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender rights. Each collection will have proceeds benefitting a different charity, but each and every one will be involved with the advancement of marriage equality. And for those who need a primer (albeit a more comical how-to than a practical one), watch Jesse Tyler Ferguson himself go through the paces of tying a bow tie here before you choose one for yourself:

Tie the Knot bow ties are available now at and

Photos courtesy Tie the Knot and the Tie Bar