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Holiday Head Start: Gifts for the Gentleman in Training

No matter who you are and who you know, getting gifts for the guy on your list is always infinitely more difficult than the girls. Whereas most women would be impressed and grateful for something as simple as a Chanel lipstick, new bottle of perfume or a blingy statement necklace, guys are creatures of habit (and necessity). Odds are, if they need something, they’ll go out and grab it themselves or even worse, they’ll already have something they love so much that they’re unwilling to waver from their favorites. So we suggest an upgrade from man to gentleman. Get any of these great guys’ gifts and your man’s wardrobe will get an instant upgrade.

Brooks Brothers Collar Stays

They’ve got: cheap (probably free) plastic collar stays

Get them: Brooks Brothers Collar Stays ($85)

Collar stays usually come with shirts, but they’re usually flimsy, plastic and get lost in the wash. Even worst than that, they’re often so thin that they don’t do what they’re supposed to, which is make a man’s collar look straight and sturdy. Instead of settling for second-rate stays, get Brooks Brothers’ more substantial option. Available in silver or gold-plate, the set might seem extravagant, but consider the napa leather carrying case — which will keep them organized instead of at the bottom of your sock drawer — and their heft. These heavy metal stays won’t get lost in the laundry and their heavier weight means that they’ll keep your collar looking crisp and sharp.

Available at Brooks Brothers.

They’ve got: dress shoes

Get them: Nordstom Cedar Shoe Trees ($19.95)

Tiffany & Co.

Plain Tie Bar

They’ve got: Don Draper envy, a tie

Get them: Tiffany & Co. plain tie bar ($120)

Few menswear items have become as ubiquitous as the tie bar, but unfortunately, most guys are grabbing them on the cheap from big box stores and fast fashion chains. The upside is that they’re definitely channeling the midcentury Rat Pack look. The downside? Those cheap tie bars look cheap. Upgrade your style with the real thing. Tiffany’s plain tie bar is as classic as it gets. No frills, bells or whistles in sight, but its simple design gets the job done. Narrow enough to work with skinny ties and wide enough to withstand even the most powerful boardroom go-to, it’s a necessary luxury that ups a guy’s style ante with little effort.

Available at Tiffany & Co.

Allen Edmonds Leather Shoe Care Kit

They’ve got: a cheap shoeshine sponge

Get them: Allen Edmonds Leather Shoe Care Kit ($95)

Available at Allen Edmonds.

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Clearing Out: Kate Spade Saturday is all Under $50

Inside Kate Spade Saturday on West Third Street

After just over a year sitting pretty on West Third Street, Kate Spade’s sister brand Kate Spade Saturday is moving on up and scouting out a new location in the City of Angels. In the meantime, however, they’re clearing out stock and everything, from the shoes and accessories to apparel, is marked down to under $50.

Because of slower-than-expected foot traffic, the brand has decided that it’ll have to close shop on West Third. But don’t fret if you’re one of the girls who has become attached the quirky, fun diffusion line, because it’ll always be available online and the L.A.

location is just relocating, not shuttering for good. As we said, the most expensive items in store now are coats at $50. Bags and other leather goods are noticeably absent — the brand’s known for accessories, after all — but there are still plenty of tops and dresses ($20-30) and shoes on offer. The biggest bargain is jewelry, which is all priced to go at $5. Get in while the getting is good, because the doors are closing on January 24.

For more information, visit