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5 Minutes with Louise Roe: Her Red Carpet & Shopping Secrets

Louise Roe for Cach©

No offense to my besties, but I€™m inviting Louise Roe over to get ready with me before my next big event. My top three reasons: 1. She jumps at the chance to indulge her inner girly girl. 2. She does it with a glass of bubbly. 3. There€™s a lot of giggling involved and €” I€™m guessing €” a fair amount of embarrassing dancing around to all manner of music. And no apologies!

I met up with the lovely TV host at The London Hotel in West Hollywood in the heart of Awards season while she was promoting her new position as ambassador to Cach©, the recently re-invigorated specialty retailer known for its affordable take on eveningwear. And I came away with a reminder that I had forgotten: Enjoy the sensual art of getting ready. Ha. Sounds simple, but try it when you have an impatient husband urging you to get a move on, a daughter who wants to know when she can get more rubber bands for her Rainbow Loom, and a dog who is sitting at your feet on the bathroom rug. Add in our voracious appetite for sizing up red-carpet looks and distilling everything down to that one moment of perfection (or not so much), and you have a recipe for missing the entire fun (yes, fun) of getting glammed up.

Cach© Black Faux Leather Pieced Gown

€œI really believe in the whole getting ready ceremony,€ said Roe. €œNew Years Eve, I was getting ready with my best friend and I looked at her and we were helping each other make up €¦ and we were laughing and the music was on and I said, €˜Do you think this might be the best part of the whole night?€™ It€™s that energy in the air and everything€™s ahead and that magical anticipation.€

And Roe, who is Cach©€™s first spokesperson (that management can recall, at least), seemed just as excited about the new collection and racks of sparkly, new evening gowns hanging on racks on the terrace. €œThis season€™s collection was just extra pizzaz and edge for me in those bright gemstone tones and the cutouts on the back and the real details. They were still very elegant but there€™s something modern and edgy,€ said Roe, who was eager to take one of the sparkly rose gold numbers for a test run at an upcoming event.

Her excitement was infectious, so we asked Louise to divulge her secrets to getting glammed up — and liking it — and for her favorite budget-friendly shopping haunts!

Louise Roe

Louise€™s Foolproof Dressing Tips:

Phone a friend. €œHave a friend there so it doesn€™t feel like a rush.

I€™m sorry, but boyfriends and hubbys don€™t count! It needs to be a girl.€

Pour one on. €œI€™ve got to say, there€™s usually a cocktail involved. It€™s usually champagne or gin and tonic. They do a great one [at the London Hotel]. It€™s this amazing Hendricks cocktail with cucumber. And I learned in NY to add a little pepper. It makes the flavor more sharp.€

Great music is a must!

It€™s all about sharing. €œHave a girlfriend or two whose opinion you trust, if you are going to be doing little runway shows and trying on things and switching out handbags. It€™s all about sharing and experimenting.”

Have fun. €œRemember that fashion is supposed to be fun, because sometimes people forget.€

Louise€™s Savvy Shopping Haunts:
We love that Louise loves a good deal and is an online shopping fan!

  • It€™s got to be affordable!
  • Shoedazzle is my [footwear] secret weapon. (Louise was wearing a great silver pair for $60)
  • Piperlime
  • Of course, Cach© for affordable, fun evening wear.
  • Asos! €œI just got a coat €” a block collar coat with the collars up €” and three friends in the industry bought it during NY Fashion Week. They were like, €˜Im sorry, but I€™ve got to tell you something.€™€
  • BaubleBar

Shop our favorite Cach© looks:

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Hank Takes Pocket Squares from Extra to Essential


If you’re a guy, you’ve probably got a handful of pocket squares that you rotate through (or, if you’re like me, you just keep ’em stashed in your jackets). Originally, the handkerchief you tuck into your breast pocket was probably used to dry tears from fair maidens, or to hand to a damsel in distress, maybe some guys even used them to dab sweat from their brows, but today, they’re purely decorative. But Hank, a new brand that’s the brainchild of Liam Fayed, half of the design team at NY-based  menswear line Bespoken, the pocket square gets new life and moves from something that’s just for show to something you can actually use.

Hank how-to

The breast pocket is a tricky one. Firstly, it’s usually sewn up when you get a new jacket and secondly, you can’t fill it with much or you’ll look like you’ve got a lumpy chest (or worse, some sort of deformed boob). So for the past say, eons, all guys have done is slide a pocket square in there and call it a day. Maybe you put your sunglasses in there once or twice, maybe you’ve tucked a wilting bloom in there, too (note: that goes on your lapel), but Hank’s ingenious combination of form and function make the breast pocket a real estate treasure trove.

Girls have bags to lug their things in, but guys aren’t so lucky, so Fayed devised Hank to stow goods while keeping things slim and sleek in your pocket.


Each Hank, which ranges from $35-40, is designed with two pockets and a built-in puff, so to the average bystander it’ll just look like you’re sporting a run-of-the-mill pocket square. But look closer and you’ll see that the pockets are perfect for holding your daily essentials: slip in your sunglasses or your phone and a few cards and you’re set. No man-bag necessary. You might even be able to forego using a wallet if you’re so daring (stash your cash on a money clip like a grown man, son). The first collection includes designs in everyday stripes and slightly subversive denim as well as plaids, polka dots, and #menswear’s next big print, bandana paisley (consider it the new camo). And just like they slip perfectly into breast pockets, we think they’ll fit right into this season’s fuzzy stockings, too. Drop a few hints and you’ll be on your way to copping this pocket ace.

Available at