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Color Me Bieber: Justin Bieber to Debut Nail Polish Line

Polishes from Justin Bieber’s nail polish line for Nicole by OPI

It’s a big week for The Biebs. Tomorrow is the launch of his book, “Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever.” And today it was the announcement of the launch of his upcoming nail polish line for Nicole by OPI.  Yes, we repeat: nail polish.

Now we have been reading a lot of Bieber-bashing articles today with much snickering about said nail polish line. But we have a cup-half-full philosophy over here at Fashion Trends Daily. And we are so thrilled that The Biebs is not launching another celebrity clothing line €” well, at least for the moment €” that we could just scream and cry and faint and throw a pre-teen, badded bra at him.

Open your eyes €” and your hearts €” people! We think that the 16-year-old pop star€™s new One Less Lonely Girl nail line could very well inspire a modernization of the old color theory once popular among personal shoppers and €œimage consultants€ alike.

No more categorizing people into overly simplistic notions of being a €œfall€ or €œwinter€ or €œsummer€ and needing to wear those corresponding hues. It€™s much deeper than that. Bieber€™s line of six sparkly, metallic colors speaks to the emotion behind color: Think One Less Lonely Glitter (lavendar) with a touch of Prized Possession Purple (grape). Or maybe it€™s a Me + Blue (dark blue) kind of day.

The nail polishes will debut exclusively at Walmart in December with eight more Bieber-inspired shades slated for a January launch. The collection will be available at select Target, Sears, Ulta and other retailers in February.

Now, we would like to see Bieber’s collaboration and raise him one: Since Serena Williams told Vogue in August that she was working toward completing her certification to become a nail technician, we think this is the perfect opportunity for Kandse (the alias Serena uses as a manicurist) and The Biebs to make manicure magic together. OMB! Now that’s love-luv for you!

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C’est Chic: Go Coco with Chanel-inspired Skirts Under $100

Chanel Fall 2013

We all go cuckoo for Coco. From the quilted bags to the iconic perfumes and even to the surfboards and tennis racquets, there’s something about those two Cs that we can’t resist. But you don’t always have to go all out Chanel to get the look, because even today, Coco’s signatures still find their way into Karl’s collections for the brand. No matter what the season, the trends or the inspiration, you can bet that there will be a hint of tweed, plenty of black and white and a few gardenias thrown in for good measure. Here are our favorite ways to inject a little bit of the Chanel DNA into your everyday life without breaking the bank. Put on one of these skirts — the piece of the season according to Lagerfeld as well as designers such as Marc Jacobs and Givenchy — and you’ll be a little closer to mastering the art of French dressing.

C. Luce Quilted Vegan Leather Skirt

The signature: quilted leather

Chanel’s handbags, belts, gloves, sunglasses — just about every accessory that bears a Chanel label — gets a touch of quilted leather. The look is drawn from the bags that Madame Coco designed herself, which are in stores every season. The classic black flap bag is a status symbol for ladies around the globe and has a hefty price tag to cement its position as one of the most coveted bags on the market. Get the same quilted look with the C. Luce Quilted Vegan Leather Skirt ($49). It has the same diamond quilting that’s on Chanel’s handbags and the seasonless black shade will let you wear it year-round, another thing that this skirt shares with Chanel’s bags. Pair it with anything, wear it with everything.

Available at Piperlime.

Banana Republic tweed mini

The signature: tweed

Chanel designed her tweed jacket as a way for women to be liberated from the corsets and girdles that plagued women of her era. How would the new woman, the one who thought for herself, did things for herself and stepped into the world on her own terms do it if she was confined by boning and lacing? Since the brand’s inception, Chanel has been putting out Coco’s boxy jackets in a myriad of different tweeds.

One season, they’re shot through with metallic fibers, and another season will have the same jackets embellished with wispy tulle. The next, they’l be embroidered silk, not tweed at all, but the trompe l’oeil effect might have you fooled. Grab the Banana Republic Tweed Mini ($89.50) to get the look of Coco’s tweed without any stuffy old lady connotations thanks to the shorter-than-usual hemline and deep, rich colors. Look closer and you’ll see hints of deep red, glints of gold and more. Madame would definitely approve.

Available at Banana Republic.

Madewell courtyard skirt

The signature: chain

Certain Chanel jackets and skirts are constructed with hidden chains sewn into their hems so that the fabrics lay correctly. It is a hidden detail that only the wearer knows — along with Chanel aficionados — but everyone that spots a Chanel jacket can tell that there’s something to it that makes it sit just so. While the Madewell courtyard skirt ($98) isn’t weighed down by actual chains, there are gold details woven into the fabric, recalling the gleaming gold chains hidden in Chanel ready-to-wear and the straps on Chanel handbags.

Available at Madewell.

ASOS midi skirt

The signature: black and white

Coco’s signature colors were black and white. You can see it today in the brand’s shopping bags, the compacts in Chanel’s makeup line and the boxes you get when you buy a bag, sunglasses or shoes. Even the brand’s perfumes are housed in stark, chic black and white boxes. Get the look with the ASOS midi skirt ($54). The silhouette is classic Chanel, right down the the midi length — it’s one of Karl’s go-tos — and the easy, wear-everywhere attitude. Even in today’s Chanel collections, black and white take center stage (right down to the shows’ backdrops at the Grand Palais) and every other color that Karl incorporates is merely an accent — and sure to be the hot new hue that season.

Available at ASOS.