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Greats Pop-Up Field House Arrives at L.A.’s Liberty Concept Space

The Greats Pop-up at the Liberty Concept Space

Back in ’58, the Dodgers left their hometown of Brooklyn for the sunnier environs of Los Angeles. Following in those illustrious footsteps is the shoe brand Greats, which arrives at the Liberty Concept Space on West Third Street. Founded in Brooklyn and sold mainly online (the brand has one permanent shop in their home base), the pop up at the Liberty Concept Space is the first time the brand’s been available at a brick-and-mortar location here on the West Coast.

If you’re unfamiliar with Greats, the line was founded by a pair of guys who wanted to create great shoes without the high costs that come along with designer kicks. The brand was launched in August of 2013 and immediately caught the attention of #menswear demi-god Nick Wooster along with men’s mags GQ and Esquire. The brand boasts about its Brooklyn pedigree just as often as it mentions that its shoes are created from fine Italian leathers and Japanese materials priced at just $59-159, so you can imagine just how much sneakerheads and menswear fans are loving the concept.

Greats Royale

Liberty Fairs’s Concept 8366 & 1/2, a space that houses rotating designers and more, will play home to the Greats Pop-Up Field House through the end of the month, giving you plenty of time to check out the space and pick up a new pair of sneaks.

The store is fully stocked with the line’s complete offerings, including the now-classic Royale and Wilson models as well as the newly introduced Babs, a sportier option. Naturally you’ll find a few exclusives that you won’t find online and plenty of opportunities to snap, crop and post these shoes to all of your social media accounts.

The Greats L.A. Field House is located at Liberty Fairs’s Concept Space at 8366 1/2 West Third Street, in West Hollywood. For more information, visit