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L.A.’s Band of Outsiders Opens Its First Stateside Boutique in NY’s SoHo

Band of Outsiders SoHo

Last year, Los Angeles-based Band of Outsiders, a brand known for subversive preppy ethos, quirky presentations and an unorthodox view of the fashion cycle in general (designer Scott Sternberg has sent editors on a scavenger hunt through New York and has staged a 60-hour fashion show) opened up shop in Japan. And while it definitely caused a frenzy among Japanese fans of the brand, it left many stateside shoppers unfazed. After all, it was easier to just head to Barneys than to book a flight to Tokyo (though we do hear it’s beautiful in the fall). That all changes, however, because Sternberg opened the doors to the very first American Band of Outsiders boutique in SoHo over the weekend. And just like his approach to fashion, it’s more than just a store.

Band of Outsiders SoHo

The shop, which is located at 70 Wooster Street, is home to a boutique but is also where the brand will house its showroom and a Momofuku Milk Bar. Sternberg, who is so enamored with cookies that he has a tumblr dedicated to them, told WWD that it was a longtime dream to blend Band of Outsiders retail with Momofuku Milk Bar.

The 4,800-square-foot shop was designed in partnership with Lot-ek, the same firm that worked with Sternberg on the Tokyo store. And while that shop houses some avant garde displays (one display features clothes that are suspended from poles set into a circular track), the New York spot is a little more pragmatic.

Band of Outsiders SoHo

Men’s and women’s offerings are placed on cheekily branded hangers labeled (hanger), and all of the display cases are modular, so they can be moved around and rearranged depending on just what Sternberg and his label need at any moment. With fashion shows and more planned for the space, we expect that the wheeled vitrines will be getting plenty of mileage. The store will offer the full range from the brand, which includes ready-to-wear, accessories and shoes.

There’s no word yet on when L.A. will get its own outpost, but we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for our own spot to stock up on Sternberg’s button-downs and — fingers crossed — a few Momofuku cookies.

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