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Bally’s New Men’s Collection is a Take-Everywhere Swiss Neutral

Bally Stripe Collection

Bally has carved a name for itself as an under-the-radar leather goods brand that is luxe and happily logo-free. If you’re lucky, you might have a pair or two of its beloved loafers stowed away. What you might not know, however, is that the brand’s roots aren’t in equestrian jumping, travel or any of those other luxury origin stories. In fact, the brand began as a humble elastic company. The brand’s founder, Carl Franz Bally, didn’t expand (pardon the pun) the company into shoes until he went on an impromptu shopping spree with his wife. She loved shoes and he decided to create a line of shoes just for her. Points to him for not only being the best husband in the history of mankind, but also because  he created a brand that’s beloved worldwide. Just in time for summer jaunts, Bally is releasing a brand new collection just for guys that harkens back to its elastic ribbon roots.

Bally Stripe Weekender

The new Stripe Collection is a luxe edit of daily essentials for the everyman.

Each piece is constructed with the least number of seams necessary, meaning that each and every bag is sleek, slouchy and sophisticated. The red and white accent harkens back to the elastic ribbons that Bally was built on, but they’re done up in the same buttery soft leather that the rest of the bags are made of. Carl and his brother Fritz had been using actual elastic ribbon in their travel and day bags since the brand started to manufacture them, so think of the new collection as an upgrade on an old house icon. The new collection includes smaller messengers and briefcases for daily use, but we’re lusting after the luxurious leather carryall pictured above. Stuff it to the brim with weekend necessities and you’ll be traveling in style. The red and white may be an homage to Switzerland’s flag, but for those in the know, it’s the calling card of a truly fine travel bag.

For a look at the complete collection, check out the video below:

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