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Monday Muse: Cali Surf Culture Inspires Saint Laurent Spring 2016

Saint Laurent Spring 2016

If you think that Hedi Slimane’s done culling from California for his collections at Saint Laurent, then you’ve got another collection coming your way. The man that’s bringing Saint Laurent to a whole new generation has found plenty to pull inspiration from, including the rock scene of the Sunset Strip to the festival babes of the Canyons. But this time, he’s foregoing the after-dark duds of the nightclub scene and opting for something a little sunnier. For Spring 2016, Slimane showed a collection of menswear inspired by the surf scene of midcentury California.

Saint Laurent Menswear Spring 2016

Slimane called the collection “A Tribute to Contemporary Californian Surf Music Culture,” so he hasn’t abandoned the music scene entirely (and we doubt he ever will), but this might have been the most colorful and vibrant collection he’s showed yet. Sure, there were still plenty of leather jackets and black, but with palm prints, a mashup of animal prints and liberty florals alongside sun-bleached denim and faded hues, it was a celebration of the joie de vivre of surf sessions, sunny days and sunset jam sessions.

Critics who note (over and over again, we have to admit) that Slimane’s Saint Laurent collection is nothing more than a rehash of thrift store finds and ¼ber-expensive vintage treasures noted that this collection was nothing more than another showcase of that same old, same old, but cash registers everywhere are ringing loud and clear, so we wouldn’t expect much to change in terms of Slimane’s M.O.

Saint Laurent Menswear Spring 2016

But upon closer inspection, we noticed plenty of new things to have Saint Laurent’s die-hard fans coming in to give their closets a real refresh.

Surf staples such as pullover tops, bleached denim and sunset ombr©s were present and accounted for, along with frayed flannels and leopard-trimmed jean jackets. It was a sunnier take on Saint Laurent’s greatest hits, but we’re sure shoppers won’t be able to resist a California-infused take on grunge and glam. The “Keds,” patchwork outerwear and slightly androgynous shapes will flood your social channels next season whether you’re into these looks or not. Don’t fight it, because these good vibes are just too good to resist.

And to really drive the point home, 80% of the models Slimane cast were Cali natives and all of the prints and graphics were commissioned from artists from right here in the Golden State. Consider it a high fashion take on locally sourced goods.