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The It-Bags of 2013 You’ll Keep for 2014

MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma

2013 ushered in the return of the It Bag. Gone for so long (just a few years in reality, which is eons in the fashion world), the It Bag was replaced by more sedate accessories and brands that exuded a sort of subdued luxury took their place in the pantheon of purses. Bottega Veneta, a logo-less brand, saw huge growth across the board thanks to a lack of instantly recognizable branding — though those in the know could spot the woven leather from a mile away. Herm¨s, for all the wait lists and lore, was still going strong in 2013 and of course, contemporary designers such as Rebecca Minkoff, Coach and Kate Spade New York  ruled the market for accessible luxury. But there was a shift in 2013 thanks to a few high profile bags.

C©line’s Luggage Totes were the first to give consumers a taste of the It Bag again and leave it to Kardashian clan to give a purse its due, because as soon as Kim and co. were spotted with their C©lines, they were on everyone’s wish list. After the Luggage, we saw an influx of big name bags flood the market, each one vying for the top spot and the top celebs to be spotted with them. So long subtlety, because we saw flashy bags, big brands and even bigger stars bring back the It Bag in full force. Here are our favorites from 2013 — but it’s not too late to grab one, because given the track record of these picks, they’re sure to stick around in the seasons to come.

Amanda Seyfried carries the C©line Trapeze bag

Pamela Anderson wears the Saint Laurent Paris Classic Sac du Jour

When Pamela Anderson debuted her new haircut, she also debuted her new Saint Laurent Classic Sac du Jour. Pam and high fashion? It’s not the first time she’s dabbled in the world of designers. She was the face of Vivienne Westwood, remember? But back to the bag — and the pixie — there was no better way to show the world that she’d shed her sexpot image than to do away with her trademark blonde coif and sport a structured and demure bag from Saint Laurent. She and the brand had a lot in common, after all. Both were re-branding themselves and both were showing the public that they were committing to their new looks 100%. The Sac du Jour does away with bold gold YSL logos and Y-stitching that we saw on bags that debuted under the creative direction of Stefano Pilati, such as the Muse, Muse II and more. Instead, the bags under the watch of Hedi Slimane feature more sedate logos and classic shapes interpreted in a myriad of colors, leathers and sizes and integrate punk details such as studs and spikes. While the Sac du Jour recalls classics such as the Birkin, Chanel’s tote and Prada’s saffiano Work Bag, it’s in a class all its own.

Kate Mara wears the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma

For an affordable option, the MICHAEL Michael Kors Selma bag was seen swinging from the arms of Hollywood’s PYT set.

Ashley Greene, Kate Mara and Selena Gomez sported the structured, sophisticated style. Kors was pushing the bag hard, putting it front and center in his summer, fall and holiday ad campaigns, showing just how versatile it was by pairing it with everything from swimsuits to snow-ready parkas and New Year’s Eve sequins. The more popular colors sold out everywhere, including Kors stores and department stores, but thanks to its availability in three different sizes, different details including studs and rhinestones as well as exclusive seasonal colors, it wasn’t long until a new shipment came in and shoppers could snag their picks from a fresh batch. The Selma craze doesn’t seem to be slowing down, either. Kors has refreshed the bag with new shades for spring that’ll keep girls coming back for more.

Kirsten Dunst carries the Mansur Gavriel Bucket Bag

Every so often, the fashion set loves to anoint a new designer as the one to watch. 2013’s main maker was Mansur Gavriel, a brand started by two friends who wanted to create high quality bags without the trappings of the It-Bag. In doing so, they created an It-Bag that fashion editors were swooning over. The brand’s Bucket Bag ushered in a return to simplicity and the resurgence of the bucket bag silhouette. Mansur Gavriel bags feature Italian leather, bright interiors and are meant to get better the more you use them. The bags sold out almost instantly on Net-a-Porter and were on the arms of Hollywood celebs and fashion editors alike.

Sarah Jessica Parker carries the Fendi 2Jours bag

The Fendi 2Jours bag rounds out our list, especially after fashion’s King Midas, Sarah Jessica Parker, was spotted with her monogrammed 2Jours bag in New York City. The structured, sleek tote was a sharp contrast to Fendi’s other offerings in 2013, which were a collection of furry monsters (Bag Buggies) that we saw dangling from 2Jours bags and other purses from L.A. to London to Toyko and Milan as well as furry Fendi Baguettes and other animated purses. Instead, the 2Jours was a clean and let’s face it, more realistic way to get a Fendi on your arm last year. Alessandra Ambrosio, Cara Delevingne and more also sported their 2Jours, which is available in a rainbow of colors and features a hanging tag that begs to be monogrammed. Because unless you happen to share initials with a dead Parisian luggage maker, it’s so much cooler to have your own initials on your bag. Get this It Bag and you’ll be wearing it through 2014 and beyond.

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Save Steal Splurge: The Black Backpack

When Selena Gomez was spotted with a chic leather backpack when she arrived at Italy’s 2014 Ischia Global Film and Music Festival, we knew that it would cause an accessory frenzy. Her backpack from Lany is a great vegan leather option, but we’ve found some great options if you want to get the look with a little bit more luxe. Backpacks have come back in a big way, giving guys and girls a reason to dust off their old favorites or go out and find an updated version. There’s everything from full grain leather (made in the USA!) to light and durable nylon, giving everyone — no matter their style — a pack to pick.

Black backpacks

Save: Lany Let’s Twist Again Backpack ($60)

Steal: Milly Riley Backpack ($365)

Splurge: Shinola Runwell Leather Backpack ($995)