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Gift The Best of L.A. with Picks Under $100

When you’re told to shop local, you’re probably thinking about kale and cauliflower, not couture. But when it comes to shopping local, there’s one mindset we can definitely get behind: shopping our favorite L.A. brands. We’ve got enough to gift your favorite Domino-living domestic goddess, that boho friend who thinks it’s always festival season, your favorite guy (everyone needs a T-shirt, especially one as soft as our pick from Sol Angeles) and more.

You’ve still got time to shop, so whether or not you’re buying for someone living in the City of Angels, you can give your nearest and dearest a little piece of L.A.

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The Best Buffalo Check Picks for Under $100

There are some things that just come back year after year. Those red cups, faux fur and over-the-knee boots come back every winter no matter what the prevailing trends are. And one of our favorite perennial trends is buffalo check. It’s a warm and cozy pattern that’s tomboy cool and outdoorsy all at once.

Paired with distressed jeans, you’ve got a downtown look that’s perfect thanks to the grunge revival. But wear buffalo check with some of your tailored pieces and you’ll look like you’ve stepped right out of a Ralph Lauren ad. So go classic with red and black or try your hand at a bold black and white, because when you stow it away come spring, you can be sure that it’ll be back when the temps start to drop.