ASOS “Crafted In” Collection Celebrates Brit Heritage

ASOS Crafted In Harris Tweed peacoat

ASOS is already a secret weapon for guys looking to get the latest trends in menswear without having to pay the price for designer duds, but fans of the brand are about to have one more reason to celebrate. ASOS has released a new capsule collection, Crafted In, that celebrates classic British pieces. But they’ve uppped the ante and are making the majority of the pieces right in England out of British material. The collection doesn’t break the bank, either, because even with these premium materials and onshore crafting, the undercurrent of affordable, fast fashion still runs deep in Crafted In.

ASOS Cable Sweater In 100% British Wool

ASOS’ in-house brand is already known for skinny suits, slim-fit basics and taking looks right off the runway. Items such as suede bomber jackets, motorcycle-detailed denim that we’re seeing everywhere from Dolce & Gabbana to Ralph Lauren and Paul Smith. Often there is a sacrifice that comes with speed, and that’s generally where quality comes in. Sure, you’re on trend, but you won’t be getting the best bang for your buck. Crafted In aims to change that mindset. Although nothing in the collection costs more than $300, there is an emphasis on fine British materials and at-home craftsmanship.

The collection includes pieces that instantly recall icons of Brit style. Need a fisherman’s sweater a la Prince Charles at the seashore? Crafted In’s sweater is knit from 100% British wool and is available in an array of deep colors and classic off-white. Harris Tweed, which is a mill that produces fabric used by labels such as J. Crew and Michael Bastian back here on our shores, also makes an appearance in the collection by way of slim-fit bombers and peacoats done up in the house’s signature plaids and tartans.

They’re also some of the pieces that are made in England as well as crafted from material sourced from British factories.

ASOS Slim Fit Jacket in Italian Fabric

Suits are also available as part of the Crafted In collection, though they take less from Saville Row and more from the street style of Milan. The Brits have the dandy game down, but trends are more about what’s being shown on the Continent and that’s menswear that’s a little bold and all about a slim, skin-skimming Italian fit. The Crafted In suits take classic Italian silhouettes and offers them in Italian fabrics. Double breasted (the shape du jour in #menswear circles) and single are available in classic colors and weights that you can wear all year round.

ASOS Chelsea Boots Made in England

Shoes are also on offer, and they’re the most surprising part of the collection. Ringing in at around $250, the small, but tight selection of boots and wingtips are all made in England. Chelsea boots, popularized by the Beatles, as well as Derby boots are accented with red details and the more low-profile wingtip brogue gets amped up with a bright red accent along the shoe’s sole. Crafted In will be expanding to include Japanese selvedge denim — we can hear the guys salivating over that already — as well as an extended range of accessories and more. And by offering the perfect combination of fit, quality and price, we hope style-savvy guys will make room in their closets for some Crafted In goods.

For more information and to shop the collection, visit ASOS.