Save Steal Splurge: The Boatneck Tee

There are some standard wardrobe staples that everyone needs. And we don’t say that lightly. Whether you’re preppy, punk or can’t really describe your personal style, a boater-inspired t-shirt is a necessity. Don’t believe us? St. James and Saint Laurent both offer a version €” and they can’t be further from each other in terms of brand identity. So, go classic with the brand that started it all or try for a variation on the theme, like switching up the stripes or adding a pocket.

How you adapt this classic to your closet is up to you; just know that there’s no wrong way to wear it.

Save: Topshop Strip Long Sleeve Pocket Tee ($35)

Steal: Vince Striped Boat-neck Sweater ($77.35)

Splurge: St. James Slouchy Tee ($95)